Animal Complaints


The Glen Ellyn Police Department often receives complaints about barking dogs.  Village Code 6-3-3-Animal Noise Disturbance  states it is unlawful to keep any animal which by barking or other noises creates a disturbance or annoyance to any person of normal sensibilities.  Read the ordinance in its entirety to understand what specifically constitutes a "noise disturbance".

Number of Pets

Village Code 6-3-7 Number of Permitted Dogs and Cats states residents may have no more than three cats or dogs, or combination thereof.  Animals must have their rabies vaccinations and dogs must have their current rabies tags on their collar or harness.   

Animal Bites

If  you or your dog has been bitten by another dog or other animal, call the Glen Ellyn Police Department to make a report.  An officer will document the incident and forward the necessary paperwork to DuPage County Animal Control. Village Code 6-3-12-Impounding, Disposing of Fierce Dogs details the protocol to be followed by the parties involved.

Leash law

According to Village Code 6-3-10-Running at Large, dogs must be on a leash or harness and under the control of their owner/handler anytime they are off the owner’s premises.

For the entire Municipal Code of Ordinances, click here.