Block Parties

Residents interested in hosting a block party in their neighborhood must complete a block party request in SeeClickFix, the Village’s citizen portal for reporting issues or requesting certain services. The Village requires block party request forms be submitted to the Village at least two weeks prior to the proposed event, submitting a request less than two weeks before the date may result in a denial of the request. 

The Block Party Wagon is overseen by the Glen Ellyn Park District and a separate reservation would be required through them for securing that item. You can visit their Parties and Rentals page here to learn more about that process.

SeeClickFix can be accessed directly from the Village website SeeClickFix Reporting Tool, the SeeClickFix website or by downloading the iOS or Android phone app.

Once in SeeClick Fix, you will enter the location for your Block Party.

block parties

Then select Block Party for your request issue.

block parties 2

Click here to access SeeClickFix.